ART: 90-8965. 90-8972. 90-8989. 90-8996.


Art Aroma
90-8965 chees
90-8972 honey
90-8989 strawberry
90-8996 vanilla

Extra universal mix represents excellent choice for catching dace-freshwater fish, in still and running waters. It can be used to attract the fish in deep waters as well as in shallow and surface waters depending form the mixture preparation: if you want to fish in shallow and surface waters, prepare lighter, less moist mix which will “explode” and create attractive cloud on the surface that will lure and keep the fish in upper layers of the water. Heavy mix with more moist in it is for the deep water. Heavier mix will start to dissolve and start working after hitting the bottom. Extra universal mix is offered in several combinations of aromas in purpose to satisfy the needs of all anglers. Depending from the aroma, it catches crucian, roach, pomfret, barbel and nase.

  • Package: 0.9kg
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