ART: 90-9023. 90-9030. 90-9047. 90-9054. 90-9061. 90-9078.

Art Aroma
90-9023 natur/prirodna
90-9030 pineapple/ananas
90-9047 vanilla/vanila
90-9054 honey/med
90-9061 strawberry/jagoda
90-9078 banana

All natural liquid additive, very rich with vitamins and minerals. With added molasses, this additive makes your bait more attractive and it can be used with ground baits, boilies, pellets, method and spod mixes. Also can be used with PVA products. Besades basic “natur” flavor, several different aromas are in offer so it can satisfy the needs of every fisherman.

  • Packaging: 500ml



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