ART: 90-3335.90-3342.90-4004.90-5179.90-4431.90-5162.

Art Aroma
90-3335 squid monster crab
90-3342 squid plum
90-4004 squid grapes
90-5179 squid peach
90-4431 squid strawberry
90-5162 squid franfuter

This is new generation of boilies with the completely new recipe. Made from high quality ingredients and in richened with betain, liver powder, GLM  extract and orher natural attractors. 15% of fresh squid is added to those boilies during the production process. Also the MAGIC SQUID BOILIES were tested during 2014 on various European waters and the results were fantastic.

Your fishing dreams will come true with this boilie!

– Diameter 16mm

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