ART: 90-8866. 90-8873. 90-8880. 90-8897.

Art Aroma
90-8866 strawberry/jagoda
90-8873 tutti frutti
90-8880 pineapple bomb/ananas
90-8897 mussel/školjka

The series of soluble boilies are excellent choice for situations when we wish to catch the wish within short period of time. Basically, these boiles  are filled with biger wuantities of amino acids, attractors, vitamins and special aromas which are dispersing in the water very quickly and creating the “cloud” which is irresistible to the fish. MAGIC SOLUBLE BOILIES will dissolve in the water within 3-4 hours depending from the water temperature.

Strongly recommended for commercial waters.

  • Boilie size: 20mm
  • Packaging: 150gr


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