ART: 90-9050. 90-9067. 90-9319. 90-9364. 90-9395. 90-9463.


Art Aroma
90-9050 strawberry-fish/jagoda-riba
90-9067 pineapple-fish/ananas-riba
90-9319 belacan
90-9364 tuna-garnela
90-9395 magic spice
90-9463 hot spice

MAGIC PREMIUM boilie series are unique and original on the market. This series represents superior product tested and proven on water. Special recipe, based on the choice of supreme natural components, ensures that those boilies are far more advanced in quality and attraction power than any other. Variety of aroma choices can satisfy any carp angler, on any terrene, in any kind of conditions.

Packaging contains mix of boilies in sizes of 16 and 20 mm. Packed in resalable foil bag.

  • Boilie size: 16-20mm
  • Packaging: 250gr
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