ART: 30-8514. 30-8521. 30-8538. 30-8545. 30-8552. 30-8569. 30-8576.

Art Diameter Strenght
30-8514 0.10 mm 5.80 kg
30-8521 0.13 mm 7.50 kg
30-8538 0.15 mm 9.20 kg
30-8545 0.18 mm 12.30 kg
30-8552 0.20 mm 14.40 kg
30-8569 0.22 mm 16.00 kg
30-8576 0.25 mm 19.50 kg

Falconi F4 braided line is 100% made in Japan. The production technology and materials in use are much more advanced and evolved than the other braided lines on the market. Main characteristics of this new generation braided line are great carrying power without stretching and the small diameter. This, 4 braids, super thin line provides very long casts while excellent hook sensitivity because it does not strech. With special Japanese technology, micro fibers are braided to make this, round shaped, multi purpose, and also for match and feeder fishing.

Length: 100m

pack size 6 spools



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