117 Extra Tough


ART: 50-7432. 50-7449. 50-7456. 50-7463. 50-7470. 50-7487.

Art Weight
50-7432 4
50-7449 6
50-7456 8
50-7463 10
50-7470 12
50-7487 15
  • waterproof
  • very elastic
  • 20% lighter than balsa wood
  • indestructible

Extra tough series of wagglers represent completely new and yet unseen product on the market. They are made of M.I.I.R. materials, which represents revolution comparing to materials used so far in production of floats, wagglers and similar products. New, revolutionary material is waterproof, very elastic, 20% lighter than balsa wood and indestructible. Because of its extreme elasticity it enables perfect contact with water while long casts, absorbing the impact with water. Waggler is perfectly balanced, exact carrying power and in single packaging.

1 piece per bag – pack size 10 bags



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