Exc Max Method Feeder Plus


ART: 75-9206. 75-9213. 75-9220. 75-9237. 75-9244. 75-9251. 75-9268.

Art Weight
75-9206 20 gr
75-9213 25 gr
75-9220 30 gr
75-9237 35 gr
75-9244 40 gr
75-9251 50 gr
75-9268 60 gr

– EXC METHOD FEEDER PLUS sliding feeder with antitangle tube enables long and precise casts as perfect sensibility during the fishbite. Also enables excellent link between basic line and hooklink while releasing the system under pressure creates “free” rig. For perfect filling and shaping the groundbait on the feeder, EXC MOULD is also available that ensures constant size, weight and shape groundbait.

1 piece per bag – pack size 10 bags

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