ART: 90-9146. 90-9153. 90-9160. 90-9177. 90-9184. 90-9191. 90-9207. 90-9214.

Art Aroma
90-9146 strawberry/jagoda
90-9153 banana-hemp/banana-konoplja
90-9160 pineapple/anans
90-9177 scopex
90-9184 tutti-frutti
90-9191 mussel/školjka
90-9207 monster crab/rak
90-9214 spicy-robin red

If we want to enhance the flavor of our bait or to increase the concentration of amino acids in boilies, than we use the DIP.  Some of components we used for this DIP are fish proteins, betaine and other ingredients that increases carp’s urge to feed.

  • Packaging: 100ml


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