ART: 90-8743. 90-8750. 90-8767. 90-8774. 90-8781. 90-8798. 90-8804. 90-8811.

Art Aroma
90-8743 natur/prirodna
90-8750 strawberry/jagoda
90-8767 scopex
90-8774 liver-fish/jetra-riba
90-8781 mussel/školjka
90-8798 chili-robin red
90-8804 tutti-frutti
90-8811 pineapple-fish/anans-riba

CSL (CORN STEEP LIQUOR) is liquid additive contains nothing but natural ingredients with high concentration of amino acids. This multi-purpose additive can be used for making the boilies, for  increasing the effect of ground baits, for spod mixes or you can simply dip your boilies, pellets or other baits in it. It can also be used with PVA nets. Several different aromas are in offer.

  • Packaging: 500ml


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