ART: 90-4233.90-4240.90-4257.90-4264.90-4271.90-4288.90-4295.90-4301.90-4318.90-4325.90-4332.90-4349.90-4356.

Art Aroma
90-4233 strawberry
90-4240 vanilla
90-4257 honey
90-4264 tutti fruti
90-4271 pineapple
90-4288 caramel
90-4295 anis
90-4301 mussel
90-4318 cheese
90-4325 squid
90-4332 monster crab
90-4349 bream
90-4356 exc carp

Special liquid aroma for extra flavor of your ground baits. It can be also used for hook bates: pellets, boilies, cocked grains. 250 ml of aromas is enough for 3 to 5 kg of ground baits.




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