Company “Ribosport MM” was founded in a year 1994 and all our main area of work is production and wholesale of the fishing tackle and equipment for sport fishing.

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Parallel to the wholesale program, company “Ribosport MM” has also developed its own production range of fishing tackle, which is mainly exported on the market of European Union. Our company is the member of the European Fishing Tackle Trade association (EFFTA) and we would like to point out very successful appearance as exibitors on the international EFFTEX show. Our numerous partners have recognized the reliable partner and excellent quality of the products in our company.

Guided by the traditional principles of bussiness and the desire for perfection, which are, at the same time, the driving force of our company, we have ensured the consistent growth and development of our company as well as the expansion of our product range. Our mission is to provide our reputed partners with the riliable source of high quality fishing tackle at the best quality – price ratuo.

We are looking forward to earn your trust.