ART: 90-9009. 90-9016. 90-7791. 90-7807. 90-7814. 90-7821. 90-7838. 90-7852. 90-8187..


Art Aroma
90-9009 pineapple
90-9016 banana-hemp
90-7791 strawberry
90-7807 tuti fruti
90-7814 scopex
90-7821 mussel
90-7838 monster crab/rak
90-7852 spicy robin red
90-8187 vanilla

Magic Boilies are completely new line of high quality boilies which contain all the necessary ingredients needed for successful fishing. New formula is based on carefully selected, 100% natural ingredients. We paid special attention to the quality of components so this formula includes only best ingredients from reputable European manufacturers. After long-term testing, we have found the winning formula which is irresistible to the fish. Magic Boilies are unique on the market because different formula is used for each aroma and they are also thermally treated with water steam which guaranties that the bait contains high percentage of proteins, vitamins, aroma and other nutritive ingredients.

  • Boilie size: 16mm
  • Packaging: 1000gr
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