Fluoro Exc 20


ART: 30-0005. 30-0012. 30-0029. 30-0036. 30-0043.

Art Diameter Capacity Lenght
30-0005 0.28 mm  6.9 kg 20m
30-0012 0.31 mm 8.10 kg 20m
30-0029 0.33 mm 8.90 kg 20m
30-0036 0.36 mm 9.50 kg 20m
30-0043 0.40 mm 12.60 kg 20m

Fluo EXC is premium quality, 100% fluorocarbon monofilament line made in Japan. It represents excellent choice for making hooklinks for any fishing types on any  water terrenes. The transparency and specific light refraction properties makes this fluorocarbon nearly invisible when submerged in water. Fluo EXC knots and loops well and it is tangle free what makes it ideal for carp hooklinks.

20 meters single packed spool – pack size 10 pcs

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