ART: 90-8903. 90-8910. 90-8927.


Art Aroma Package
90-8903 strawberry o.9kg
90-8910 pineapple-fish 0.9kg
90-8927 mussel 0.9kg

EXTRA CARP is highly effective groundbait developed on the knowledge of several years of testing. Formula is a rich source of vegetable-originated proteins which are main source of carp nutrition in the wild.  EXTRA CARP is easy to mix and very effective groundbait as well as proven appetite stimulator. After dissolving in the water, it creates attractive cloud which triggers fish’s feeding instinct but leak of real food, lures the feeders to your hookbait. EXTRA CARP is available in several different aromas so it can satisfy the needs of all the carp fishing enthusiasts.

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