Camou Viper 20


ART: 30-9931. 30-9948. 30-9955. 30-9962.

Art Capacity Color Lenght
30-9931 Camou Viper 15 lb black-green 20m
30-9948 Camou Viper 20 lb black-green 20m
30-9955 Camou Viper 25 lb black-green 20m
30-9962 Camou Viper 35 lb black-green 20m

Camou Viper braided line is designed for making high performances rigs because it offers excellent bait presentation in all waters. Main features of this braid are supreme knot strength and high abrasion resistance. Its black-green camouflage pattern makes it almost invisible in the water. This braid takes shape and lies on the bottom of the water terrene thanks to its soft structure.

20 meters single packed spool – pack size 10 pcs

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