Camou Elite 20


ART: 30-9894. 30-9900. 30-9917. 30-9924.

Art Capacity Color Lenght
30-9894 Camou Elite 15 lb black-white 20m
30-9900 Camou Elite 20 lb black-white 20m
30-9917 Camou Elite 25 lb black-white 20m
30-9924 Camou Elite 35 lb black-white 20m

Camou Elite braided line represents ideal choice for rigs in still waters and slow rivers. Perfectly balanced for slow sinking and excellent – natural bait presentation. Very well masked with its black-white camouflage pattern for low visibility in water. Camou Elite ideally adjusts to all water terrenes.

20 meters single packed spool – pack size 10 pcs

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